How I made my very own DIY Agate Painting!

Well, hello there! I don't want to jump the gun but it's been a long winter indeed and while I have 10 lbs of winter slumber to shed I am ecstatically jumping HURRAY for Spring!!!!! Hey any little thing helps, right?

Few things to share...

We are super excited to finally get back into renovating our Amityville Bungalow as this winter has been breathtakingly miserable. We fled this town every chance we got! In Mister B's defense, we have been doing what we can inside the house which is looking awesome! ((More of that to come!))

It's also been such a long time since I've created art, but a few days ago I found (4) 16x20 canvas' at the thrift store. I was somehow inspired and snatched them up because I knew we wanted to create DIY wall art for our bare walls.  In spending most of my time in my new office, I thought I'd start the wall art party in there. So this is what I came up with after a little research.

 An agate geode inspired painting...and I kinda love it!

I was looking for a brilliant tutorial on this "faux agate" technique I pictured in my head but wasn't sure existed, and found one legit youtube video by the lovely Danika Herrick of Georgeous Shiny Things! She saved my soul. I was desperate for an agate painting but I knew I'd have to create one myself if I was going to be completely happy with it. Looks nothing like I imagined it would, but I'm happy.

I have to wait a month for the acrylic paint and glaze settle in before I varnish it. Never done it before but I hope the darn thing makes it DAZZLE! My office is still in the works of course, but I'll reveal more soon. If you have any questions for your own little DIY Agate journey, just holler in the comments below. :)

 Stay tuned my lovely little things!

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