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Happy Holidays to all! I know you must be dizzy from your holiday festivities and shopping sprees. I can assure you- so am I! It's good to finally have a moment to myself. There is also something eerie about a quiet house after the holidays when the dust has settled and you're alone surrounded by Christmassy red and green things! It can best be described by the way I feel after a snowstorm and I walk outside of my house- I can feel the still air as if nothing ever happened but by the sound of icicles dripping from rooftops a mile away, you know it was real.

Anyway now that I have a second to breathe before the new year, I wanted to show you my creations inspired by the holiday spirit surrounding me this year. From the starlight and snowflakes, to the reindeer... it was the first holiday in a long time where I really felt blessed and creative to the bone.

 I have to tell you the only true tradition I have had going with my best friend from college for 6 years now is our yearly Coquito making party. We bottle this delicious Puerto Rican Rum-infused eggnog drink and gift them to our favorite people right before Christmas. Yum! Follow this link to my mother's infamous Coquito recipe!

These handmade bottle gift bags were made from a gap argyle sweater I cut up and made a few things out of, using twine to thread through the top for a tie.

This starlight pillow cover was made with burlap and yarn.

Felt on a Plaid Brooks Brothers button down

More Felt!

More Plaid!

Burlap and permanent oil paint marker

This year I will be introducing a new line of home decor inspired by the Nursery.
AinthatastitchBaby coming soon!

And even in the silence after the holiday storm, my winter spirit is still alive and happy to share with you some handmade decor that isn't Christmas themed but perfectly suitable for winter season decor- just a pop of color to remind you of the good memories had, and that it all really happened!

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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