Fall Table Decor Trends For The Small Space Modern Retro Home

Captain Obvious here, checking in to report that Autumn is upon us...my favorite time of year! Have you noticed that we tend to gravitate towards people who share the same seasonal sentiments as us? Me too...and I LOVE my fall people for all their earthy vibes and decorative fashion forward creativity. 
Today I wanted to share with you our newest and one-of-a-kind collection of fall table runners at Ainthatastitch.

Long gone are the days when dressing your dinner table was only worth the effort during the holidays. Modern homes can add of touch of warmth to their daily routine too! The foundation of any ambient tablescape (whether simple or over the top) begins with a statement table runner. The runner grounds the centerpiece and whatever other goodies you care to display along the way. 
Our modern retro runners are handmade in the U.S.A with Lebatex fabric, a contract fabric!

  1. contract fabric
    Web definitions
    1. Heavy duty wearing material, made to certain specifications; for example particular, flammability codes or abrasion resistance. The end use is normally hospitality or public places. For contract use, a fabric must meet a minimum abrasion resistance of 30,000 double rubs.
Dress up your meals with a beautiful runner this fall and have that fabulous dinner party you've been waiting for the fall to have! 

*Just a side note*  
The items in my shop are made for people who love bold pattern and color, love modern retro decor and who live in small spaces. Why? Because these are elements of design that I value and that I believe are part of a neglected niche market. Most industries across the board are creating extra large scaled product and we've become an extra large society because of it. Small spaces are the reality in every hugely overpopulated metropolis ( I live in a small home with a small sofa and small tables too!) and so I wanted to provide people living in small spaces the same opportunity to decorate with beautiful and appropriately scaled things.Color fuels my creativity, and because I grew up in a small Manhattan apartment with sparse furnishings, color always filled that void for beauty and abundance. I have always loved vintage and nostalgic things so my home is being filled with mid-century modern things which are a huge inspiration for me. And that's that!   

Back to the fall! Until next time, have fun preparing for those crispy nights of sweatshirt wearing, smores having, hot cocoa drinking goodness.

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