DIY Packaging Should Be Considered An Art Form

Hey guys! Friday is a typical ship day for Ainthatastitch so I just wanted to share with you how I go about packaging the items I sell on Etsy. My methods are a work in progress and I do stray off the beaten path when I'm feeling creative but this is the jist of it. I just bought myself a mustache stamp, along with a few others on clearance at the art store. I like to call it "minimalist quirk" haha There's nothing incredibly stylish about it, in fact it's quite understated, but meaningful at once. And the way I multi-purpose my materials really helps me save on packaging which can get pretty pricey once you begin ordering custom packaging materials. So I hope this helps the small business DIYer with ideas for dressing up a brown paper bag, by thinking of ways to get creative with your own packaging relative to your brand. The little pillow below is going to a cattle breeder in Oklahoma! These things excite me, I can't help it!

*So I've taken my logo image and printed a million (ok about 50) thumbnail images on a clear label sheet and cut them up into squares to use as decorative tape. I call them stickers and slap them on just about everything, even on the shipping envelope!

I also hole punch my business cards to use as tags and wrap the item in craft paper and some twine. (sometimes it's green, but mostly natural -which I buy at the dollar store....shhh!) 

And sometimes I used white or colored tissue paper depending on the style of the order. (You know, the stuff you stuff into gift bags)

*Let's not forget the handwritten thank you note I include which provides the opportunity to present a gift in the form of a coupon for their next purchase. I also take this time  to politely ask for a review on my shop page. If you never ask, you'll seldom receive. It's a shot in the dark really but sometimes I get the sweetest reviews from my gracious customers who appreciate me taking the time to write them.

I get more festive around the holidays using random extras I have in my studio but keeping the packaging plain allows what's inside to shine, so I try not to over do it. 

Here are some other cool ways to dress up craft paper or a brown paper bag for packaging:

Packaging by Nestled on etsy

Found on

Packaging by Paloma's Nest

Packaging by Bint on Etsy.

Packaging by Ainthatastitch 

So the next time you ship a package, experiment with it! It keeps things interesting and revs up the creative process.

And that's that! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vida,

Long time no see! I have a special someone's birthday coming up and I have to ship something. Great post on some splendid creative packing that I will definitely be trying myself this week. You're as awesome as always.

All the best, all the time.