My Latest Mid Century Modern Piano Seat Makeover

Happy July! And what a crazy one it's been. If you've been following our road to revitalization at the Amityville Bungalow, you've probably been wondering if I've fallen into a black hole. Nope. I'm still alive and well, thanks! :) And while the To Do List slowly get shorter, these weekend warrior projects seem to get seriously more challenging. I'll explain soon, I promise. 

And so just when I get a moment to breathe I decide to dabble in small scale projects that need this swanky sewing storage bench turned piano seat. Long story short, a brilliant home decorating idea came to us when we found this mid century modern sewing storage bench at our trusty local thrift store for $6 (that's right) and thought it would make a dynamite piano bench for Mister B. We have a barter system in place and trade our labor, skills, and special talents. This time since I reupholstered his bench, he'll be serenading me on the piano every night for a week. Not bad, eh? He's such a talented man, I tell ya...swoon*

So I added a 2" foam cushion and batting for extra comfort, and left those charming innards as is- in perfect condition. I recycled it's piping and added my own to trim the bottom of the box by mimicking the way it was pieced together and using YouTube to fill in the blanks. We left the sewing patterns and cute vintage tin cans full of Singer items that came with the bench for now, because they are too cool and I don't know what to do with them. Does this make me a hoarder? Sometimes I wonder. Just enough room for sheet music in there, too! 

This is what I used to remove staples and reupholster the bench. I'm sure there are smarter tools out there but the house is in boxes so I used what I could find. I forgot to include the scissors, but I'm sure we're all familiar with those. ;)  *BTW, if you're ever in dyer straights because you get the brilliant idea to reupholster something in the middle of the night and don't have the right materials (like piping, for example) I would suggest re-purposing some old cable or telephone wires, shoe laces, rope or even twine may get the job done. 

We are getting white oak floors installed next week and I can't wait...let the decorating begin!!!! 
I may retake these photos once it's all done. In the meantime...
play on, on!

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