Meet Alexa Meade- A Contemporary Artist Who Transforms People Into Paintings

Ok so! If you don't know Alexa Meade, allow me to introduce you to an amazing young artist who was once on her way to Capital Hill for a life of Politrix before she asserted her dream of simply becoming an artist. She had never thought of herself as an "artist" nor did she know what kind of "artist" she wanted to be. The incessant love affair she had with shadows on a self-taught course to creative freedom soon brought her work to light and now she is acclaimed as one of the most provocative contemporary artists of the times. Isn't life funny and mysterious and ecstatic when your life comes into focus?

So what does she do exactly?! Alexa Meade turns 3D subjects into 2D images. She paints on the surface of live human subjects, found objects and architectural spaces to create an optical illusion of a canvas painting and then photographs them to create some pretty curious imagery that makes us question our reality again and again. Her process is organic, physical and looks like tons of fun! The transformation is incredible and you'll have to see it for yourself to really understand and believe what she is doing. She recently gave a TED talk as well, so you deeper delvers can explore as you wish. Hats off to you my dear, enjoy every bit of your journey and thank you for the inspiration!

"Spectacle Installation"


"Blue Print"

"Blue Print"


"Aligned with Alexa"

"Portrait Meet Portrait"

"Art on the streets"

 "Risen in Process"



*These photos are all owned by Alexa Meade*

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