The Artists Behind Upcycled Lamp Shades on Etsy Part 2 (but weirder...)

My my my...orbiting back into the blogosphere after so long feels pretty good. Thank you for being here! Since I've missed more than a few months worth of my favorite Etsy artist features, I thought I'd get comfy with a glass of wine (or 2) and kill 2 birds with one stone. Part 2 of The Artists behind Upcycled Lamp Shades on Etsy and How To Make Your Own! is all about amazing pieces of artistic lighting. I really think the lighting artisans have shown to be the most original and creative forces on Etsy, as well it should be since it's thee most important design element in any space.

I often scout etsy to see what new creations these artisans offer up next. Some are vintage reinventions with a good old-fashioned story and others are more modern using recycled materials to create the coolest industrial shades. It's all awesome stuff. Ok enough rambling...let's begin, shall we?

Studio1 Chandelier Wine Barrel Ring Light

Meet Michael Weiss of Wine Country Craftsman on Etsy.

Plastic Spoon Hanging Paper Light Shade

Artist Melanie from Mel's Creative Designs

Vintage sewing patterns pieced together to create a retro bohemian style lamp

Artist Umbu of UMBU on Etsy

Metal Cheese Grater and Concrete Lamp

Meet IScourUScore on Etsy

A Boat Vent Table that is different. And so freaking cool.

Niki& Steve of BingoBox on Etsy

Orbit Book Lamp- just a beautiful design!

Meet Michael of BomDesignNL on Etsy

Whisk Hanging Pendant Lamp

Artist Andrea of ViaLucas on Etsy

Espresso Coffee Maker Table Lamp

Artist Stefano of RetroeDesign on Etsy

If you're going for Nostalgia, check out this 45 Reclaimed Record Floor Lamp

Meet Ginartdesign on Etsy

Vintage telephone lamp...tre chic!

Meet David from HomeMadeKarma on Etsy.

A lamp I'm feeling brave enough to admit I created with the help of my father for a school project at FIT. The concept is based on the 80's movie, Labyrinth, and this is modeled after "the helping hands!" Anyone know it? My favorite childhood film, hands down...anyway, those are my cast hands at work. It lights up pretty well and I use it as a night light in the oh so spooky hallway.