Ainthatastitch was featured on Dilla Magazine!

After arriving back home from vacation a few days ago, I was super excited to see the magnificent Norwegian magazine "Dilla" had arrived.It features one of my hand-painted Marrakesh burlap pillow covers. Awesome! And although I don't understand the language, it's easy to see the love of all things handmade shining through while perusing it. It is clearly a magazine focused on representing the creative artisans of the world and their work through the forces of Etsy and independent shops of this nature. It was an honor to be part of and I'm delighted to see the forces of our handmade universe shaking crafty hands with each other all over the planet. How fun!

Now since they don't offer digital versions of this mag just yet, I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak at what's happening across the pond and yonder. My scanner is acting insane at the moment but I took some shots of my favorite crafts which provide DIY tutorials in the magazine. They even come with cutout templates in the last few pages! I could easily qualify as someone living under a rock but I think this kind of support is pretty cool. Who wants to figure out dimensions and all that?!

These photographs are owned by Dilla Magazine! If you're interested you can purchase one here.

Thank you Dilla!!