Blue Fall Decorating Trends 2013

Ahhhhh my favorite time of year!
Autumn is just too good to miss and I'm trying to enjoy my days outdoors before the dark winter sets in. The Amityville renovation is slowly but surely coming along, and I've been spasmodically juggling design projects in preparation for the winter. Today consisted of shopping (scavenger hunting was more like it) and trying to find design solutions for one of my favorite clients of all time. I can't wait to reveal the finished space!

It's scary how excited I get by seasonal color trends. So I must remind myself "timeless" and "you are not shopping for yourself so put that back". Among this season's design trends, the hype on electric, indigo, royal and cobalt blues is my fav! Blue is super refreshing this time of year when reds, oranges and yellows typically run the show for fall landscapes and homescapes. I'm kind of crushing on blue chinoiserie and denim designs right now.

I just got to looking through my William Sonoma Home fall catalog. Their blue color stories are top notch and everything feels so fresh. Naturally I wanted to throw some of my blue pillows from ainthatastitch in the mix to see how they'd stand up to these beautiful deep blue vignettes. I think we did ok! By the way, I used the app "pic stitch" to create collages. It puts things into perspective for me when shopping for items in a room or even tying in adjacent rooms.

I'm so happy to see this gorgeous Reclaimed Wood with Marble Inlay Kitchen Island from WS. It is the perfect piece for me and Mister B. Hope to have something like it by the time we're done with reconstructive surgery in the kitchen. The blues are popping off in here!

To check out my collection of totally affordable blue pillow covers, check out Ainthatastitch for all of the luxury & textural interest you'll find in designer products, for less.