Philadelphia in the Fall...Prison, Flea Markets, Food and Music- Oh My!

This past weekend Mr. B and I were able to escape to Philadelphia for the day. It was a 2 hour trip from NYC and well worth every second traveled to that quaint little bustling city. Apparently, Philly is a thriving hub for Fall activities galore and we had arrived just in time for the line up of flea markets, wine and beer festivals, restaurant week, music concerts and art fairs....they even have an Archaeology Festival! So much to do, so little time.

And because we love watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel channel (yes, it airs on Friday nights and yes, this is what we like to do with ours) and their crew had visited Eastern State Penitentiary a few times for all the paranormal activity and reported live action, we just had to check it out. B did for the creepy haunted prison factor and I did as well but as much for the beautiful architectural interiors of the place- the colorful paint chipped walls, iron gates, the overgrown vines seeping in through the windows, and its dome cathedral ceilings. Since they closed down in 1971, not a thing has been changed. It is enchanting, and haunting, and pretty neat.

So with Halloween coming, they had installed gargoyles on the front of the Penitentiary in preparation of Terror Behind the Walls season for the month of October.

AL Capone's Cell...

And little did we know we'd walk right up to a flea market that wrapped around the entire perimeter of the prison walls, so you know we had to make our rounds. We didn't leave with any gems but it was fabulous, lots of unique vintage finds and the vendors were sweet as pie. After that we decided to try a new cheesesteak joint before catching a concert to see They Might Be Giants and wound up at Pat's King of Steaks...needless to say I neglected to take photos and the cuisine was... well...just meh...I enjoyed Jim's Steaks that last time we visited way more!

"Put that down Mr. B, you already have 10 leather jackets!"

Until next time,