My Hand Painted Pillow Featured On The Cover Of Better Homes & Gardens!

What a day! Now I think you're supposed to maintain composure and show modesty when it comes to these things, but quite frankly there is no shame in my game. I've been insecure and shy and quiet about my work for way too long. I am so excited to share with you that my lil handmade & handpainted Emerald Green Marrakech Burlap Pillow Cover by ainthatastitch had it's very first feature on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens special issue of Color Made Easy Fall 2013 Magazine. It made centerfold too, and it feels really good! They did a great job styling that livingroom. Who knew that magazine covers featured handmade items from ETSY, and hand painted pillows at that!? Not me. I've had dreams of creating a successful line of handmade home products since I started designing 7 years ago, and this dream is still alive today. How I am going to achieve that? Well, I haven't figured that all out yet but my vision for success has definitely become a lot clearer and the confidence boost doesn't hurt one bit. Hopefully this is the first great sign of better things to come. Baby steps, baby steps...

I'd like to host a giveaway but I feel like I did as a kid throwing one of my birthday parties, afraid that no one would show up. Would you enter for the chance to win this pillow in the color of your choice at ainthatastitch? Is anyone out there?


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Stacy Davis said...

Congrats!!!! What an honor! How did you find out your pillow was on the cover? It is beautiful and I love the colors!