Where Are My Handmade Creations Living Now?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying this wacky summer. I don't know about you but the weather in New York is bogus. I feel like I'm in The Truman Show over here!

So during my recent bouts of lofty daydreaming and while working on my etsy shop ainthatastitch, I thought it would be cool to track my products and mark the countries, states and providences, etc. that they're being shipped to. I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately... not only because I haven't left the county in a few years (and I'm feeling the itch) but because I've been receiving orders from New Zealand, Australia, France, and let's not forget the equally exotic Alaska and Hawaii. I'm over the moon about it and as soon as I see an order is going overseas my mind starts packing up and planning the most fantastic trips, as if I were going anywhere! I'm not sure if this is normal or simply due to my extraordinary imagination, but I really feel like a piece of me travels with my products once they've shipped. I also wonder about all the places my handmade labors of love will end up and it pleases me to know these things were inspired by the very places they are going, where they'll be cherished and used to make peoples homes smile. Hopefully they'll be covering more of the globe in months to come. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Now, there are no apps that cater to this kind of mind chatter (that I have found) so I used a regular travel map via TravelBuddy. It shocked me to see that in all of my glory, my pillows have only reached 2% of the world's countries! Haha....and there I was thinking I've hit the big leagues now! Well, I sincerely hope that once my emerald green moroccan burlap pillow which will be featured on the cover of a special issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine next month gets published, it will bring me tons of exposure and endless business. In the meantime, I will update my little map regularly to track how much land my products cover. It only inspires me to keep working towards my goals and master plan.

See you soon, world. Aurevoir!