Creating a Dining Room Ceiling Out of The Attic Floors...(Amityville Bungalow)

Hello again! Hope everyone is have a glorious week. Mine is turning out quite nicely, thank you! ;)

So this week I wanted to give you the highlights of one of our very first renovation projects in this home. It was pretty intense...we sanded, we drilled, we sweated, we removed what felt like over a thousand nails and I think we even bled a little...but the result of a lovely rustic dining room ceiling just made it all worth while.

As you may know, plans for this mudroom-turned-dining nook involve tearing a wall down and opening it up to the kitchen to make an open plan kitchen/dining space. Well with a completely gutted room, we started with the ceiling first...using the original attic plank floors! Talk about being green and saving some green. And so the story goes...

The plan involved identifying the best 7" plank floor pieces in the attic, removing and cutting them down to size to fit the 10' length of the dining nook. The ceiling comes down on a slant in this room so figuring out how to place them somewhat seamlessly was the only real challenge.

Mister B did all of the plank removing, measuring and cutting...

And I was given the task of cleaning and sanding the planks...what a shocker!

When it came time to bring the flooring/ceiling down, the best and easiest way was through the window and into the backyard. The slanted roof where Mister B is standing is where the dining nook will be. It will be tiny but cozy.

We laid the planks out to line them up as tightly as possible while making sure the knots in the wood were attractively placed. Luckily they had interlocking grooves so there were no gaps between the planks. Easy peasy!

A 4" hole was jigsawed into the middle slab for the light fixture.

Hello there! I somehow missed taking photos of the insulation installation, but that was next.

It's hard to tell where the ceiling ends and the wall begins but with that far wall blown out and the sheet rock in place, it will look great. (Sorry for the blurry pics, my safety glasses were foggy)

...and Voila! The ceiling still needs to be stained and the room has been coming together. The back door and windows will be replaced and rearranged and it will be grand! I just know it.

Take care of yourselves and each other!