Design Your Own Room with Mood Boards on Olioboard!

Hola! I am so happy it is finally starting to feel like Spring around here even though I spent most of the weekend working and playing with my new olioboard ipad app. I'm having fun exploring its features. Olioboard is a program that provides a blank canvas for users to create mood boards for interior design inspiration with thousands of home furnishing items from sofas to office accessories that are currently on the market. I've been working on my neutrality because I love color and I love contrast! Pop pop pop is all I want to do, so keeping the palette simple and layering with texture was the challenge of the day. Of course, I'd throw air purifying plants into the mix because a girl's gotta breathe clean air!

These are the few mood boards that I've published. You can click on the photos for item specs.

The androgynous nursery for the parents who want a surprise...
Androgynous Nursery

A masculine bedroom...
Masculine Bedroom

The eclectic office
The Eclectic Office

I did find it hard to bring in objects that have a white background because the image gets blurred. I also noticed there is a core group of companies that the site is affiliated with so the furniture options are somewhat limited.. So while I won't use it to present ideas to clients, I will definitely be using this to brainstorm and stimulate my creativity conceptually for future design projects.

My profile name is vidainteriors. Come connect with me on Olioboard!

See you soon!