Kat Von D's Handmade Home makes an appearance on Etsy...

I know, I know. I'm pretty ashamed. Happy New Year!!! (...crickets...)

I've wedged myself into my little sweatshop lab and have been pumping away at these pillows in time for Spring since I'll soon be gone for three weeks. I'm officially taking my 2nd annual road trip down to Boca Raton, Fl with my monkey and his pit bull pup, Flint. I absolutely love road trips!! And while I'm super excited and trying to mentally prepare for it, I have 10 other things on my plate to complete before departure. Yeahhh... that's not happening.

Anyway, so during an ADD episode I stumbled upon this fabulous video (in an Etsy blog posted a while back) of the lovely Kat Von D hosting a house tour and sharing some of the quirkiest fun home accessories shes purchased on Etsy for her home! Now, it's character does remind me of a marriage between the shows "Oddities" and "The Adam's Family" so I highly doubt she would be interested in anything from my shop but it's still so much fun to watch because she's an avid buyer, supporter and appreciator of Etsy, and her home really is oddly beautiful. Not to mention the fact that Etsy really does have something for all styles and personalities makes my heart pitter patter with glee. With that being said, I love Kat's style if I haven't made that clear...


Chat soon, hopefully!