Nostalgia Gives Birth To A Stenciled Dresser Makeover...

A warm hello to everyone out there in le internet land! Hope everyone is feeling blessed and festive this season. I've been feeling nutty these past weeks juggling projects, holiday shopping, and fulfilling custom pillow orders while trying to get my inventory up, up, up.

This past week I was helping my mother get her Christmas decorations out of storage and almost fainted when I found my childhood dresser buried in her garage! I've been looking for the perfect cabinet to house all the fabric I use to craft for my Etsy Shop which somehow keeps accumulating so my office is a wreck and seemingly transforming into a sweatshop. Anyway, I couldn't believe how abandoned and stressed out this poor dresser looked but it brought back so many fond memories of childhood that I decided to make it work as a temporary solution, and after a much needed complete makeover of course.

So here is the before and after of my childhood dresser turned fabric power house! haha The unmatched drawers of "before" are apparently my failed attempt to revamp this thing as a kid! (I don't remember that part) And yes, this time it is a bit loud I know...but I dig it.

The Transformation...I lightly sanded the dresser and used a white 2in1 primer and paint to cover that baby's blemishes and dings and all. Then after much experimentation, I went with a tribal stencil I found on Cutting Edge Stencils. I colored in the lines with Oops paint from Home Depot.[Glidden- Interior Eggshell- Warm Caramel/Low Luster] but it has a metallic sheen that I like. Costed me a whopping 50 cents! I kept the original drawer pulls because quite frankly I just don't have the time to fuss around looking for matching hardware. Works for me and I know the right pulls will smack me in the face when I'm not looking. I topped it off with my aloe vera plant which seems to be doing quite well up there! Oh and I painted that canvas of Rafiki sitting up there many moons ago. He's been helping me stay centered. :)

Let me know what you think!

Next week I want to tell you about a very cool TV pilot project I've been working on~ Have a great week!

peace and bits of happy nostalgia,