Inspiring Holiday Tablescapes- Rustic and Casual Table Setting Ideas

Whether you're prepping for your annual Thanksgiving dinner party or want to get started on decorating for Christmas, these winter table settings are bound to jump start your holiday spirit!

The trend this season (at least in my world) is using what you got! Utilizing natural elements and decorating with items you already have or can easily find outdoors is not only stylish but super economical. Who doesn't love a 2fer? Go for a nature walk and gather some pine cones, berries, vines, shells, pebbles, moss, branches, bark, acorns, leaves, feathers, and definitely take advantage of pumpkins and apples laying around... basically anything but snow is fair game! (And bugs, leave the bugs outside.) Depending where you are on the planet, you may discover some really exotic and beautiful things. You could also give a few elements a coat of white, silver or gold spray paint for interest, but the beauty really is in the eye of the diy-er.

Bring your collection together with a handmade fabric table runner, a DIY snowflake table runner (shown below) and place mats. Display them in glass vases, tin planters or trays. You can use ribbon, yarn, twine or burlap to weave around your elements, make bows and hug your vases or candle holders. Light your candles safely to cozy it up. If you don't have a forest in your backyard, go to the park and make friends with the squirrels, I'm sure they could use the company ;) And don't forget to return the acorns when you're done!

I hope you all open your hearts and homes to those who are going without this year and I wish you all the comfort, health, happiness this season...

Yes, those are layered peanuts and moss under some pheasant feathers! via HGTV

Make your own snowflake tablerunner! via HGTV

via HGTV

via HGTV

Fun table setting for the kids...via HGTV

Rustic and casual styling sets the tone for me this season. All it takes is a hurricane to put things into perspective and after being greatly humbled by Sandy, we still have much to be proud of, hopeful and grateful for. So wherever you are in the world and wherever you spend this holiday season, I hope you remember to smile, be patient with one another and be thankful for your blessings. Actually, this season and always!

In the meantime, if you're able, please take a moment to donate to those in need via the Red Cross, calling 1.800.HELP.NOW or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Many thanks,