The Artists behind Upcycled Lamp Shades on Etsy and How To Make Your Own!

I've been pretty fascinated by the talent that Etsy has been showcasing lately. Some of the most creative and professional artisans from all over the Globe doing time and pouring sweat into manifesting their love of art, in any form you can possibly think of. And although I only sell pillows at the moment, I've been so inspired by my fellow Etsyians for their innovation, foresight, and originality that I've been expanding the way I view my own approach in sewing my creations.

So I was doing my normal perusing around the site, "favoriting" and "Pinning" my favorite things...and ran into an article featuring Allison Patrick and her upcycled Lamp shades. So freakin cool... I was totally inspired. Hopefully you will be too. Here is a How- To video on one of her more colorful lanterns made out of cocktail umbrellas- along with some other upcycled handmade lamps made by Etsy sellers whose stories I found interesting. Oh and one of these guys isn't on Etsy but it's ok- he's cool too. (You can click on their names for their stories...)

Other lamps Allison makes...

Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Light

Soda Can Tab Drum Shade - Large Eco-Friendly Pendant Light

Large Colorful Drum Shade - Drinking Straw Pendant Lamp Shade

Check out Artist Allison Patrick's story on Etsy.

Recycled Light Bulb Steam punk Oil Lamp

Artists Recycled Light Company on Etsy

Orbits Urban Chandelier Recycled Wine Barrel Metal Hoops

Camilla and Stefano of StilNovoDesign on Etsy

90's Music Lovers Retro Mixtape Night Light Lamp

Artist Stacey Iden of BreakTheRecord on Etsy

Upcycled Vintage Carpentry Level Lamp with Dimmer

by Rodger Thomas of BenclifDesigns on Etsy

Cat Do-It-Yourself Paper Lantern

By DonkeyandFriends on Etsy

Float Lamp with Illinois License Plate Shade

Coffee Filter Art Rustic Table Lamp

Artist Vilma Farrell of Lampada on Etsy.