Art Inspired Outfits I 'StumbleUpon'

Hello out there! Hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated this week...

So, true story: When I go out on design consultations I absolutely love to invite clients to raid the closet for their favorite outfit with shoes and accessories and sometimes I'll want to know how they'd style their hair. I want to see what fabrics turn them on and what makes them feel beautiful and most "themselves". I usually learn this of them indirectly so they don't verbally feed me what they think I want to hear. Granted, I pick up on hints of color, shapes, forms, pattern, texture, metallic preferences, etc. and I must say, even if it's not the most inspiring ensemble, they have so much fun doing it and it really helps me to understand their personal style. It gives me a foundation, direction and something to work with. Even if I walk out only having gathered that you simply likes tie dye (which has never happened) but I'd know that I had a lot of work ahead of me. Sometimes it's just a matter of guiding clients through the overwhelming process of bringing all the elements of a room together, sometimes more of a challenge and commitment than buying an outfit, as phenomenal as their tastes may be. Other times this process is more organic. This process typically applies to single ladies/men, most of which my clients are. I'd feel slightly awkward asking an entire family to play dress up for me but more importantly, I would need to incorporate all of their needs and consider them as a unit- so function before form. An entirely different beast.

I probably shouldn't be giving away my secrets although I don't think anyone is reading my blog. Actually, this may not even be a secret at all because it isn't rocket science... but for me, the abstract parallel of fashion and design lies in "dressing" your room as you would your body. For example, you treat the couch as a dress or a pair of pants, artwork as the top, coffee table as the shoes, pillows as the purse or collection of purses you could possibly wear when you don't know what to wear, the area rug as your sweater, jacket, shall, coat or whatever tickles your pickle, and lighting along with any hardware would be the jewelry you choose to accent it all with. Consider the scale and composition of clothing articles to your furnishings as it represents the most important perspective through your fashion sensical eye. Hopefully you have good fashion sense.

In summation, one way to decorate is to observe how you put an outfit together. Most people choose the dress first and then the shoes and accessories, for some it's reversed. So prioritize your room purchases with those items that inspire you to finish getting dressed so you can get the heck out of your house! Are you picking up what I'm putting down?!

Funny enough, I had a point and I just remembered it! So today I was getting myself acquainted with and stumbled upon Polyvore, a very cool site where people create collages based on their "thing" and while perusing through many hardcore passionate creative profiles, was one collection of stylish eye candy that got me really excited. Turns out the creator, Georgina, has a gift for putting outfits together based on classic Fine Art! I've never seen this before and love the concept. So this collection may be a bit dated, but it was the one I fell in love with and basically just wanted to share it because it reminded me of what I do with my clients. She calls these collections "Art Inspired Outfits" and they really are inspiring.

Now let's play name that piece! Or you can go to her profile and click on an item for the retailer, or the artwork for the historical reference... How thorough is she!? Love it. You can also check out her site for more current collections.

Enjoy the slideshow...

Wishing you peace of design, until next time!